Rachel T, Bristol

Rachel T, Bristol

"I was really impressed by how relaxed it made me feel. It was deeply comforting, and I felt warm and safe - like swimming in hot chocolate." Click to Read More

Mark S, London

"So, this one fact has proved to myself that Tapping works and I have removed these long standing negative affirmations that led me to be a social smoker. I no longer need it's comfort. And I didn't have to do a thing about it."


I signed up to Magnus' Seminar and OMG, the world has opened up, sucked me in, kept me there churning me, moulding me, rebuilding me and has spat me out a totally different person.

I'm not sure if Magnus put something in the water, but I feel drunk. I left the seminar with a big grin. All them silly little excuses and fears that I had before, I can't even remember what they were or what they feel like.

I'm not cured by any stretch, but after some rigourous Tapping over the next few weeks and the next 4 weeks with Magnus I KNOW my problems are going to be gone.

The very first thing we tapped was my fear of feeling stupid... straight after he asked me again "What's holding you back". I REALLY wanted and tried to say a fear of feeling stupid... but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't say the words and had to quicky come up with another answer.

3 Hours of tapping away LOTS more bad feelings, memories and emotions and I feel like a new person. And that is just one session. I feel a foot taller... couldn't wipe that smirk off my face all the way home and I swear I was floating. I floated onto the escalator on the tube and didn't get that little shock of moving on a moving floor.. i just, kinda floated on.... That actaully freaked me out a bit!!!

All in all... thanks Magnus, an AWESOME session and I can't wait till next Thursday. I know I still need a lot of work.. but, if I feel this much better now, then I can't wait to see how much better I feel in a month's time.



I have been attending Magnus' EFT workshops for the last 4 weeks and have found the results staggering. We have covered many topics, such as confidence, forgiveness, and many others. In all of these areas I feel that my life has improved. Most noticably by being a much more confident personality in all aspects of my life and less restricted by bad past experiences.

Through this time something else changed without me actually noticing. Over a year ago, I officially quit smoking. I went fine for a long period of time, until a powerful anti-smoking device (ex-girlfriend) was suddenly not there any more to keep me on the right track. I found myself starting to social smoke again. After a few beers, I would find myself nervous around new groups of people and light up, or bored with no-one to talk to and light up, or being with a group of smokers, and light up to fit in. I had already identified the reasons I was lighting up and I hated myself for it. As soon as it was in my mouth I would think "why are you doing this?". But of course, one cigarette led to another and another and another. And in the morning, tired and hungover I would beat myself up about it, because I knew that I really didn't want to smoke. But over 10 years of being a smoker I had just built up all these associations and I had it in my head that this was a comfort activity to deal with these uncomfortable situations.

After spending a few weeks attending these Tapping seminars, I have become a much more confident person, and rearely find myself in the bored, or nervous situations that I did before. I also feel much more that I am the "prize" that that I don't need to look "cool" in front of anyone, because I just am that cool person.

So, by working on all these other areas of my life, removing all the bad affirmations that led me to smoke over the last few months, I have realised that I had inadvertantly removed my perceived need to smoke.

So, this one fact has proved to myself that Tapping works and I have removed these long standing negative affirmations that led me to be a social smoker. I no longer need it's comfort. And I didn't have to do a thing about it. It wasn't even a concious decision! Just getting rid of the negative emotions in my life got rid of my need to smoke. Easy, no effort required!

On another side note, Tapping has actually reduced my desire to get drunk and binge drink every weekend. Preferring to keep my wits about me, I have learnt that I have much better nights without being drunk, and actually enjoy my nights a lot more. I no-longer need to drink to "warm-up" and "get in the mood". I am a much happier, social, energetic and charismatic person, by removing any social inhabitions I may have had.

Thanks Magnus.... You've done in a few short weeks what I have been fighting to do for the last 6 months!


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